When people hear the words ‘ self-care,’ they tend to picture specific images: a spa day or relaxing on the couch with a nice glass of wine. However, self-care can have many meanings, depending on the person.

Self-care is all about taking care of oneself and their mental health. This means doing what it takes to balance physical and mental needs, such as sleeping through the night, taking a moment to breathe deeply, and following up with basic medical needs (attending yearly physicals, etc.).

In other words, exercising self-care is deciding to put one’s health and care first. As people vary drastically from one to the next, needs and wants can likewise vary. What is good for one’s mental health may not work for everyone else. 

Self Care & Cannabis

Experts have long advised patients to practice the art of self-care. In more recent years, some experts have been encouraging the use of cannabis to manage self-care. According to Dr. Genester Wilson-King, cannabis can help with many different forms of self-care, including REM sleeping and healing.

The effect cannabis has on REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cannot be ignored, as this is seen as a natural way to encourage sleep. Many medicinal alternatives don’t affect REM in the same way. One can opt for cannabis or CBD to help with sleeping concerns. And thankfully, this is now easier than ever in many states, as cannabis becomes legalized around the country.

Cannabis can play a role in many different self-care routines. For those looking for a relaxing evening, there are cannabis bath products. These offer the same anti-inflammation benefits that cannabis has always promised. 

The term self-care seems to most commonly arise when discussing mental health, especially for those that suffer from anxiety. A 2010 study found that CBD oil had a positive effect on anxiety, with new studies supporting this conclusion. 

To put it simply, those suffering from anxiety should consider some form of cannabis treatment when creating a self-care routine. There are plenty of options, from CBD to edibles and everything in between, so it is possible to find the perfect solution for your individual needs.